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Back to the Village

In this Back to the village program, we attempt to bring teams together in an environment in which they experience and engage in some of the games, the tasks, the joys and the hardships of village life.

This Back to the village fun corporate team building activity is conducted in certain specified environments we have identified, which provide good clean air, rustic surroundings and opportunities to do the things most of us no longer do in our daily lives, and some of may never ever have done either.


This team-building activity could consist of 1 full day or 2 half days. It has 2 components: village games and village tasks. It could be run featuring either one or both, depending upon the team’s budget, time availability and preference /needs.

Learning Objectives achieved

  • Team work and team spirit (in a very different environment)
  • Functioning as a sensitive and responsible team
  • Accountability – social and corporate, as a team member
  • Understand role in value chain
  • High energy fun through interesting activities


Range of activities that could be on offer (to be customized per team)

Games : break the pot, gilli danda, lagori, sack race, gunny sack race

Village tasks : making jaggery, milking cows, bullock cart, pottery

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