Beach Olympics

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Beach Olympics

Going to a seaside resort? Can’t wait to jump into your shorts and play beach volleyball or race the waves back to the beach? In our fun-filled, immersive and high energy Beach Olympics program, you compete as teams in a half day Olympiad on the sands.
Rain or sun, we play on the sands, wearing either sun tan lotion or rain wear. These Olympics are not meant for the gymnasts or jocks, but for the laid back beach bums – we have slow races, sand sculpting, beach scavenger hunts,

Learning Objectives

  • Improves group morale and promotes team bonding amid adversity
  • Increases appreciation of roles, purpose, and group-established expectations
  • Accelerates process of team roles and forming of a shared vision
  • Develops creative problem solving along with time and crisis management skills
  • Relieves stress levels through activities that inspire laughter and learning
  • Replaces of limiting beliefs with possibility thinking
  • Inspires ownership and accountability for results in all team members
  • Promotes individual and group growth with fun and memorable experiences

Operational Requirements
Exclusive beach, conference room at resort with free space for movement, budget for small prizes and disposable props

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