Fast and Furious

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Fast and Furious

Our Fast and Furious hunt is a fast-paced photo hunt type race to win that is designed to involve groups in finding interesting places and solving clues. You could call it our version of Amazing Race in a single location combined with a Photo Hunt.

See a quick glimpse of a team perform this activity on YouTube

Learning outcomes

  •  Problem solving
  •  Quick adaptation to new environment
  •  Observation
  •  Tenacity and perseverance
  • Team bonding
  •  Team work
  •  Influencing skills

Operational Requirements
Access to resort a few hours before the program, wifi or internet connectivity, team members with smart phones.

Flow of Events
In this exercise, your larger team of upto 100 people is divided into smaller teams. Each team gets a series of riddle and puzzle type clues that take them to different locations. The team figures out the location it should go to, arrives there and executes a task and records the evidence on camera.
The clues would also lead you to some interesting insights into the history and culture of the local area you are in. It could end with a fun quiz that reinforces your knowledge of India and of the place you are in.

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