Four Way Soccer

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Four Way Soccer

A football match with all the fun and excitement, but no sledging or aggression? Not a one on one tournament but one against 4?

That is what our 4-way soccer game or training activity is. It is a game entirely new to India. Even elsewhere in the world, it is an informal game that kids rarely play in schools. RMG’s version of 4 way soccer is a unique design by us, and has proved very popular with our client teams.
This outdoor team building activity  can be played by groups of 40 – 80 people. Participants are divided into 4 teams, and each team has players in various roles that are interchangeable between rounds – goalies, defenders, mid fields, forefield and fielders. Every team simultaneously plays against all 3 other teams, and has to score goals in a carefully preplanned manner to score points.
Wining is finally a feat of strategy, patience and planning, as against mindless play.

Learning Outcomes

  • Strategic thinking
  • Conflict management
  •  Leveraging your team members
  •  Valuing team victory over personal gain
  •  Value of different roles in an organisation
  •  Passion for results

Operational Requirements
Big, open, grassy field or football field, square in size. Outdoor mic for facilitator.

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