Get to Know Each Other Icebreakers

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Get to Know Each Other Icebreakers

Get to Know Each Other Icebreakers – Corporate Team Building Activity

Teams often have newcomers who they would like to integrate fully into themselves. This corporate team building activity is designed to serve that purpose. It makes people share bytes of information about themselves, one per short game, that gives people talking points after the event.
The first game in this series is some form of name game. We have various kinds, and they can even be combined with gifts like mugs with staff names. The name games are a fun way to share names and prominent work-related personality traits.
The next game set is usually line ups. People are asked to line up based on their birthdays, their home towns, their tenure in your organization, and even on the basis of their likes and dislikes. This process invariably gets participants to identify something common with almost every other person in the room.

Duration of activity is customized to suit group size as well as based on what percentage of a team is new to it.

Learning Objectives

  • Team bonding
  •  Identifying individuals by name
  •  Connecting names to faces
  •  Forming tiny individual connects with other team members
  •  Ice-breaking and forming an atmosphere of intimacy, to proceed with other agendas

Operational requirementsConference room, no fixed furniture or boardroom table, space to move around in freely, centre tables (number will be specified according to group size), mic for facilitator, projector and screen, outdoor space that is easily accessible

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