Minute to Win It

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Minute to Win It

This is an hour-long corporate team-building program based on the popular TV show Minute to Win It. While the show has individuals and pairs competing against others, with an audience watching, our version is a team game that consists of 5 Minute team challenges.
This team building activity is clearly structured to ensure high engagement levels of every single person in the group. It also enables group members to realize the different strengths and capabilities of their team members, and to learn to value and appreciate them.
The challenges vary from table top, lateral thinking puzzles, to high energy, short relay races, to entertaining exercises in which your entire small team has to disentangle itself from a complex human knot or some such configuration

See a team perform this activity on YouTube

Learning Outcomes

  • Team bonding
  •  Byte sized learning on innovation, thinking out of the box, logical thinking, synchronous action
  •  Team work
  •  Influencing skills
  •  Planning
  •  Execution of strategy


Operational requirements
Conference room, no fixed furniture or boardroom table, space to move around in freely, centre tables (number will be specified according to group size), mic for facilitator, projector and screen, outdoor space that is easily accessible

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