Murder Mystery

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Murder Mystery

We run mysteries that try to give participants the experience of stepping into the television box, to become detectives solving a mysterious crime just like a Castle or a Monk. How often have you watched a mystery movie or TV serial and wished you could present your own solution to the police before the crime was solved? Well, now you can, with us.

See a team at a mystery ending debrief

When you do a murder mystery team building activity with us, you walk into a room and will be addressed by a skilled facilitator. You will be introduced to an exciting make believe Indian case. You will visit an interesting “crime scene,” examine finger prints and footprints, question real, live suspects and examine evidence….in other words, you would behave just like your favourite detective always does.
And at the end of your investigation, you would brainstorm with your colleagues, examine the evidence you have gathered as well as the testimonies and interrogation reports of your interactions with your suspects, and put together the exact sequence of events that happened on that fateful night or morning.
We have worked with over 5000 groups from all over the world on our mystery team building workshops, over the past 12 years. And got great feedback from them, which we will gladly share with you, along with names and email ids you could reach out to for feedback.

Business Transformation Outcomes

  • Data synthesis and decision-making – base your decisions on data analysis, not perception. Learn to distil down rapidly, decide what is relevant.
  •  Own and welcome disruption – learn to appreciate how disruption leads to change in thinking and better derivation of solutions.
  •  Welcome and manage change – value change as a transformative exercise and not an unwelcome intrusion
  •  Resource management – optimize resources, keeping time frames in mind, and according to priorities.
  •  Strategic understanding and implementation – look at the big picture, perform as a multi-functional team and see the value of being open to other teams”/people’s views.
  •  Communicating and influencing – listen to others, influence opinion and actions to build team consensus, value different opinions too
  •  Decision making in uncertain circumstances -how do you build consensus and display clarity in deciding what should be done, how do you take leadership and become accountable for your own and your team’s decisions
  •  Strategic thinking – balance achievement of short goals with long-term strategic thinking
  •  Strategic resource management – learn to quickly evaluate the resources you have on board, allocate them optimally and leverage them best.
  •  Customer Delight – build empathy quickly with different types of customers, proactively develop the skill and motivation to learn more about clients
  •  Team Leadership – utilize your team appropriately, motivate own team to perform better, develop operational leadership skills
  •  Effective execution – use available people and resources to achieve desired goals
  •  Change orientation – learn how to promote application of learning to improve results. Be open to change, realise its role in enhancing results.

Operational Requirements

  • A conference room with a projector, mics, white board and markers
  •  A TV screen with a karaoke mic input facility in another room
  •  3 Break out areas indoors and outdoors

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