Roaming Rangers

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Roaming Rangers

Our Roaming Rangers program allows the members of your team to bond in a fun and natural environment. It is a day- long program which involves solving puzzles and engaging in high energy, competitive activities leveraging from the environment it is set in.

In this fun-themed team building programs, your team becomes a part of a team of eco tourists
visiting an eco-friendly resort to save the environment from poachers, record and protect the flora
and fauna of this region and learn new things about each other as they do all this. 5 interesting
engaging activities to ensure that the team not only works together but comes up with innovative
ideas on prevention of poaching in an environment. This makes them aware of the happening


Desired Outcomes

  • Enhanced collaboration at work (team work)
  • Performance excellence through empathy and team work
  • Empathy: towards team and towards clients
  • Ability to leverage each other’s strengths as well as differences

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