Rounders Outdoor Training

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Rounders Outdoor Training

Riti’s Rounders is an exciting, fiercely competitive outdoor team building game. This game is based on the medieval British game of rounders, and was the father of baseball as we know it today.
It is a fun activity which is energetic and fast flowing. Players use tennis rackets and yellow stress balls that have a low speed. Atleast 5 batters and 6 people from the bowling team are actively engaged at any point.

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This training game can be played by 12 to 36 people, divided into 2 – 3 teams. Every player is active on the field at all times. The duration of the game can vary from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Up to 4 batters are on a diamond on the field at any time, and the movement of batters on and off the field is very fast as you can take a run irrespective of whether you connect ball and bat or now

Learning Objectives

  • Decision making in uncertain circumstances -how do you build consensus and
    display clarity in deciding what should be done, how do you take leadership and
    become accountable for your own and your team’s decisions
  • Strategic thinking – value long-term strategic thinking over short term gains
  •  Strategic resource management – learn to quickly evaluate the resources you have
    on board, allocate them optimally and leverage them best
  •  Conflict management – decisions and business situations may not always be fair
  •  Passion for results – value winning, motivate your team and display role model
    behavior to inspire them
  •  Effective execution – use available people and resources to achieve desired goals
  •  Change orientation – learn how to promote application of learning to improve
    results. Be open to change, realise its role in enhancing results

Operational Requirements

Big, open, grassy field or exclusive sandy beach, not too close to the water. Outdoor
mic for facilitator.

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