Snake Boat Race

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Snake Boat Race

The slap of the paddle on water, the power that flows through the rower as he or she pushes through the water. The breath-taking excitement of moving swiftly through rapids. The emotional high of being one with your team as you navigate a boat through a lake. RMG Mileage can arrange for you any of these options, depending on your team size and budget, in various peaceful and scenic locations in India.

Boat racing is a popular team building event as it quickly gets everyone working together and having fun. It is not about individual skills as everyone in the boat must work together and row as well as steer in perfect synchronization. It gives you a high that only the water can bring you. We offer you snake boat race team building activity fun, high energy team-building experience conducted in a manner that gives you a flavor of its local culture and tradition. It is conducted for both small and big groups depending on the requirement of your organisation.


Learning Outcomes

  • Communication in stressful situations
  • Team spirit and team work
  • Leadership in every team member
  • Leverage emotional energy at work
  • Elation of water sport promotes affection for team members
  • Passion to win
  • Drive to succeed
  • Working towards achieving one goal

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