Toxic Waste Neutralisation

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Toxic Waste Neutralisation

This Toxic Waste Neutralization Corporate Team Building Activity is to raise awareness for the necessity of Toxic Waste awareness and how to treat the same. It is a popular, engaging group activity that provides a teamwork challenge for about 90 minutes. Involves strategic thinking, imagination, action, risk taking with careful calculation, ensuring an outcome in which you cannot afford to fail as the costs are high.
Ends on a high note with an attractive solution.
The challenge is to move so-called toxic waste contents to the “neutralization” container using minimal equipment and maintaining a safe distance, within a given time limit.

Learning Objectives

How your perceptions about team members leads to inadequate leveraging of each other, holding back of information and work sharing

  • Team Building
  • Lateral thinking
  • Trust building in a team
  • Understanding and appreciating various styles of working
  • Learning about the attributes required for communication
  • Accepting the differences in behaviour in a team and coping with the same
  • Working with time limit
  • Environment Awareness and knowledge about toxic waste

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