Traffic Jam

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Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam Team Building exercise

Traffic Jam is a brainteaser, to engage the team in communications required to come to a solution for this one problem. The team has to come together and come up with out of the box solution.

This game is a riddle, in which participants on two sides navigate over a series of rectangles using only the unoccupied rectangle that is positioned to start in the middle. There is only one way to accomplish this, so groups must communicate and work together to find the solution. This intense team building program takes individuals out of their comfort zone in solving a challenge that can only work if everyone is open to team members’ suggestions.

Learning Objectives

  • Communication
  • Working with team members with different styles of functioning
  • Problem-solving
  • Valuing approaches different from your own
  • Understanding that different people communicate differently, but goals are common
  • Thinking out of the box

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