Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunt

Our Treasure Hunt is a fun, goal oriented, and competitive activity for modern corporate teams to work together in a fun, challenging and innovative way. Groups have to solve clues, overcome challenges, and solve problems, to become the first to find their own unique treasures and claim their rewards. We suggest dividing the staff into as many teams as there are “treasures” of information to be disseminated.

We also propose a different reward for every team – such as a coupon for a team lunch at a good restaurant, a gift hamper to be distributed amongst Treasure Hunt team building program the team, a team trophy or simple individual gifts for every member of the team. Each team would have its own unique treasure hunt consisting of 4 clues (we could increase the number if you like. The team would solve its four clues and be delivered the final “information treasure” in an interesting and memorable manner. They would then be facilitated to discuss it and present their strategy on how they would understand and act on the treasure.

We offer 2 types of treasure hunts. A simple treasure hunt in which teams find paper clues. And an app-based treasure hunt in which participants download a temporary app from Playstore, on any one single smart phone of one team member. They would be given ne clue at a time through the app, and the next clue would be received only after a bar code is scanned at each location using the app.


Learning Outcomes

  • Team bonding
  • Celebrating success
  • Team work
  • Influencing skills
  • Thinking on the toes
  • Time Management
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Problem solving

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