Whacky Photo Hunt

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Whacky Photo Hunt

Our whacky photo hunt is designed to involve groups in finding interesting things, and capturing them using a camera. It’s a simple yet fun way to promote teamwork and bonding. This team building activity can be run like a fast-paced treasure hunt with the help of advanced technology in using QRR codes hidden that are to be scanned. Or it can be run simply in a scavenger hunt style.

In this Corporate team building activity, larger teams of upto 100 people are divided into smaller groups. Each team gets a series of riddle and puzzles that take them to different locations. The team figures out the location they should go to, arrives there and executes a task that they record on our special app

The clues would also lead them to some interesting insights into the history and culture of the local area they are present in. It could end with a fun quiz that reinforces the knowledge of India and of the place they are in. In this activity one will collect lively videos and photographs of the smaller teams doing fun tasks that one can share on social media or with family and friends. It is fast-paced, highly competitive, as each team’s speed and performance can be detected to the micro second on our app.

Learning Objectives

  • Team bonding
  • Innovation
  • Team work
  • Influencing skills
  • Knowledge of the place
  • Creativity
  • Time Management





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