Wheelchair Building Activity

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Wheelchair Building Activity

In this interesting team building exercise, we provide you with the raw material to build a wheelchair and the basic design. The team works together in small groups to build multiple wheelchairs – 10 team members per team.

This Wheelchair Building activity attempts to replicate the process of building any product. But, in a hands-on manner. It also sets participants thinking about people who are differently abled from them, and triggers empathy and opening up of minds. It enhances leadership traits among the 10 in the group. One will be able to recognize bonding, leadership, communication and the like which should be used on a daily basis to handle various situations at work place.

The raw material which we provide would be taken back by us.

Learning Objectives

  • Ownership and accountability
  • Speed in performance
  • Collaboration: inter-team and intra-team
  • Design Thinking
  • Project Execution
  • Organisation
  • Delegation
  • Collaborate and adapt to achieve better results
  • Develop an entrepreneur mindset
  • Transform yourself to achieve new heights of success
  • Empathy for the differently-abled
  • Inclusion mindset
  • Thinking of newer solutions to make life easy for those who are different

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