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Virtual Events

Our carefully planted touch-points ensure return on investment (ROI) on every dollar spent. We do the work. You have the fun. In our lavish virtual venues that draw your attendees right in


Venue With Your Own Branding

We give you an inviting virtual convention centre with 3D layouts for all rooms including the lobby with our virtual help desk and animated receptionist, an exhibition centre with booths with the branding of exhibitors.

Polls, Quizzes & Leaderboards

Add layers of gamification to your events with audience polls, quizzes & hashtag contests. Delegates get to cast their votes as speakers stream their video and throw questions to the audience for their opinion. Points are allotted for delegate’s interactions at every touchpoint to maintain a leaderboard anyone would want to top.


The Event

Bring sponsors on board just like for any physical event and give them branded virtual booths to showcase their products and interact with ‘walking-in’ customers with a dedicated private chat room.

Live Video Streaming

We give you live video streaming in multiple halls and venues at the same time. Or you can record and stream too. We help speakers prepare and also login easily.


Event Marketing

We can help you with email Invites, reminder SMS, social media promotions and other marketing of your virtual event.

Exhibitor Booths & Resource Centre

Is just like a face to face event. You can walk in and out of different halls.Easy logins. Easy access to past presentations. You can find and meet anyone you want to


Highly Interactive

Large panel discussions possible. Have unlimited audience. High level of audience interaction. Help in meeting people you want engage with 1 on 1

Easy For Attendees

Easy logins. No special internet needs. Easy access to past presentations. Easy to set up meetings with others


Post Conferences Activity

We help you With analytics and insights. Built a community of attendees. Further ways to monetise the event