Online Team Building

Our team building programs bring your team members working from home closely together digitally. We use mysteries, puzzle rooms, games that excite people and engaged with each online. Our lively and technically skilled facilitators will recreate the warmth of live groups, and leave team members energized and bonded.


Your team can learn at its own pace by the courses we build especially to suit your needs. Use these on your mobile devices as apps, or through your company’s Learning Management System (LMS.) We use a visually appealing mix of material to ensure learners are hooked onto our courses. And we give your managers clear post program analytics

Gamified Learning with Analytics

Our entertaining but highly effective trainers make our virtual classrooms high impact. We specialize in short programs that use multiple methodologies to achieve maximum interaction and engagement with participants. We are skilled to use platforms and technologies of your choice. All our courses are activity based.

Why Us

Ensuring employee safety should not mean that you push the pause button on learning that is critical to performance enhancement. RMG Mileage is here to help you adapt programs and delivery of virtual live learning. Our digital learning programs are flexible, customizable and offer clear return on investment (ROI) on training. We use gamification to engage and immerse our learners.

Online Team Building Programs

Here is a small sample of our courses, we have more, and always customize to suit our clients’ needs.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes is a powerful tool in which our skilled senior leadership trainer Sanjay Handu  would go behind the scenes of this senior management team and enable senior leaders to understand each other’s leadership styles and personalities. This workshop will help in exploring physical movement and comedy that is created out of Participants become more open minded, accepting and feel mutual respect towards others. This makes people feel more confident. All this leads to better team work and co-working.

Learning Objective

Harmony and Productivity in the team

Program Flow

1 hour session handled totally by the trainer

Shark Tank

Our team activity Corporate Magarmach is a creative and participatory team building program that gives a team a complete team work experience in a very different space. We bring you a game modelled on the popular American business show Shark Tank. In this program, led by our witty business tycoon anchor, your team will be divided into teams. They will come up with smart business ideas (product or service) which they pitch to the trainer, who poses as an angel funder.

Learning Objective
  • Think like an Entrepreneur
  • Design thinking mindset
  • Adopt design thinking principles to solve a real business challenge;
  • Pitching an idea
  • Costing a product or service
  • Get under the skin of the user
Program Flow
  • Introduction and team huddles (7 mins)
  • Teams brainstorm and freeze on the best idea (5 mins)
  • Developing the business model with collaterals (30 minutes)
  • Team Pitches + judge’s questions (30 mins)
  • Wrap Up ( 7 mins)

Catch the change

Our team activity Catch the Change is a leadership class inspired by Ken Blanchard’s Who Killed Change. It is a change management and critical thinking program in which teams solve an interesting case with multiple puzzles and video testimonies. Our senior leadership facilitator then guides an intense discussion on accepting, managing and eventually welcoming change (change). It provides ample opportunity for a management team to work in smaller groups and eventually as one large group that takes key decisions, builds consensus and presents a united front to the organization.

Learning Objective
  • Change management
  • Building consensus
  • Managing difficult conversations;
  • Story telling skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Data crunching to find solutions
Program Flow
  • Introduction with video, team huddles (7 mins)
  • Puzzle set 1 with videos (15 mins)
  • Critical thinking puzzles (10 minutes)
  • Group problem solving exercise (10 mins)
  • Case presentation and solution (3 minutes)
  • Debrief ( 10 mins)

Catch the Liar

Our get-to-know-your-team activity Catch the Liar This team building ice breaker has every in splits of laughter in no time. . It is a fun-filled guessing game that makes everyone share anecdotes and trivia about themselves. This is a kahani with a twist. Teams who work together all the time and think they know everything about each other become even closer knit. New team members discover interesting dimensions of the lives of their colleagues.

Learning Objective
  • Think out of the box
  • Overcome unconscious bias
  • Realise that there is more to everyone than you realised
  • Have fun, break ice, get into the mood of the program
Program Flow
  • Introduction to activity, and team division, break out into small rooms (5-7 mins)
  • Teams brainstorm and freeze on the best ideas (5 mins)
  • Presentation of ideas (10 minutes)
  • Quick discussion and debrief (7 mins)

Haka Chant

Our Team Haka activity is a 1 hour program in which a team watches a Haka sports aggressive performance, and learns how to make their own company Haka to practice back at office. They do it in teams and face off each other in the finale, although the chant is the same – the question is who shows more passion.

Learning Objective
  • Connecting teams to company values and vision
  • Building unity in teams
  • Bonding through shared energy
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Exploring passion and commitment
Program Flow
  • Introduction with video, team division and huddles (15 mins)
  • Create a chant (10 mins)
  • Rehearse performing your chant (15 mins)
  • Teams perform (10 minute
  • Debrief ( 10 mins)

E- Learning Programs

Here is a small sample of our courses, we have more, and always customize to suit our clients’ needs.

Cultural Passport

Duration: 2 Hours
Target Audience: People dealing with global clients and colleagues
Learning Outcomes:

  • Work more effectively with global clients and colleagues
  • Bridge cultural differences with global clients and colleagues
  • Adapt to cultural difference
  • Improve communication with global clients

E Mail Skills

Duration: 2 Hours
Target Audience: All (customized to suit different levels)
Learning Outcomes:

  • Write clear, structured emails
  • Improve written communication, to close transactions quickly
  • Cultural nuances in dealing with global audience
  • Email etiquette, language etc

Performance Management

Duration: 2 Hours
Assessments: Multiple Choice and Situational Assessment
Target Audience: New or Front Line Managers
Learning Outcomes:

  • Lead a team more effectively
  • Manage a team to reach challenging targets
  • Motivate staff effectively
  • Deliver Feedback

Collaborating with Others

Duration: 2 Hours
Assessments: Multiple Choice and Situational Assessment
Target Audience: Individual Contributors, Front Line Managers
Learning Outcomes:

  • Collaborate more effectively with others
  • Build consensus with others
  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Develop collaborative solutions in a group

Communicating Effectively

Duration: 2 Hours
Assessments: Multiple Choice and Situational Assessment
Target Audience: Individual Contributors, Front Line Managers
Learning Outcomes:

  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Use different communication strategies
  • Utilise feedback from others more effectively
  • Be more assertive

Leadership Communication

Duration: 2 Hours
Assessments: Multiple Choice and Situational Assessment
Target Audience: Managers and Leaders
Learning Outcomes:

  • Communicate an effective vision for a team of business
  • Handle difficult conversations
  • Persuade others more effectively
  • Provide effective feedback to team members

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