24 Corporate Offsite Meeting Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

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69% of the employees feel that there are too many meetings. Are you one among them? Don’t worry, chances are high that you are not alone.

  • Statistics show that the majority of employees spend almost one-third of their work week in meetings.
  • A study conducted by HR Digest shows that more than 90% of the participants lose focus when the meetings are ineffective.
  • Many employees feel that company retreats and corporate offsite meetings enable them to work more productively.

Onsite meetings have been the go-to option for corporations for decades, but the scenario is slowly changing. With corporate offsite meetings becoming rapidly popular, companies are turning towards this idea.

Are you also on the lookout for some exciting office offsite ideas? This blog will help you explore different ideas for offsite meetings and also help you understand why company offsites are better!

Onsite vs Offsite Meetings: Which One to Prefer?

on site vs off site meetings

In general, both onsite and offsite meetings are on the agenda of companies. But which is better? Below is a short comparison that will clear things up:

Company Culture

Onsite: With onsite meetings, there is not much difference in team dynamics. Teams will respond to tasks as usual.

Offsite: Offsite meetings help employees to communicate more and collaborate with each other. Companies are also able to foster a sense of belongingness among employees.

WINNER: Offsite

New Ideas and Perspectives

Onsite: Meetings held in conference rooms might not feel very effective or fresh. The place can make employees hesitant to come up with new ideas.

Offsite: Offsite meetings help team members think out of the box, literally. Employees get a new perspective and tend to come up with fresh ideas.

WINNER: Offsite

Budget and Resources

Onsite: Onsite meetings are good for the company budget – they require very minimal costs. Many times, onsite meetings do not require any budget at all.

Offsite: Based on the company and team’s budget, offsite meetings can be arranged. There are small, budget-friendly offsite ideas that can be a great alternative to onsite meetings.

WINNER: Onsite


Onsite: Engagement is a tough factor when it comes to onsite meetings. Study shows that 75% of employees do not pay attention in traditional meeting setups.

Offsite: Employees tend to be more engaged and focused during offsite meetings. Research shows that corporate and offsite events can act as a morale boost for employees.

WINNER: Offsite

From this comparison, see that offsite meetings boast an advantage over in-office meetings. Employees are on the lookout for a retreat that lets them think freely and communicate better, so it is high time that companies adapt to corporate offsite meetings and retreats.

Corporate Offsite Meeting Ideas for different groups in a company

Corporate Offsite Meeting Ideas for different groups in a company infographics

Now that we know why corporate events and retreats are great for your employees, let us take a look at some of the creative ideas for offsite meetings for all types of teams in your company!

For Small Teams

small team discussion

  • Arts and Crafts Workshop

Offsite meetings are a great way to bring up new perspectives. The best way to get the creative juices flowing is to arrange an arts and crafts workshop for your team. For a team of 30 to 50 members, you can arrange a workshop where all the employees can come together and learn something new. Also, art brings a lot of benefits for adults.

  • Board Games Night

If your team likes to keep the activities simple and interesting, then a board games night can be the perfect choice. By hiring a cafe space for an evening, arrangements can be made for different board games including Twister, Codenames, and Reverse Charades. This helps employees to communicate and collaborate with each other.

  • Volunteering

One of the best company offsite ideas is to take part in volunteering. Volunteering also helps companies to contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Teammates can join up and take the initiative to contribute – not only does this develop a sense of community and belongingness, but it also helps employees to reflect on their contribution.

  • Mini Golf

Mini golfing is not just a sport – it requires a lot of other skills like collaboration and teamwork. When working as a team, this activity can be highly rewarding as well as fun. One of the best team-building games, mini golf also helps teammates to overcome communication issues.

For Large Teams

Large team discussion

  • Paintball

What can be more fun and interesting than playing paintball with a large group of employees? This game lets employees team up, collaborate, and work as a group. Paintball as a corporate offsite activity is highly exciting and helps teammates bond together and think strategically.

  • Wellness Workshops

If your employees are looking for a simple and mindful retreat, then a wellness workshop can be beneficial for all. Wellness workshops can range from simple meditation classes to workout programs and training. Based on what your employees wish for the most, you can think of arranging for engaging wellness workshops as they have a lot of benefits.

  • Field Day

A field day is as the name suggests – get out of the office, and have a fun day with your colleagues by participating in team-building activities and games! It depends on you to make or break your field day – it can be simple and take place in a public setup, involving games and snacks, or you can look into hiring a place to conduct some interesting activities.

  • Beach Cleanup

Another exciting volunteering activity, a beach cleanup can serve multiple purposes. Your team can take a trip to the beach and enjoy a few days off – while they enjoy their retreat, they can engage in beach sports while also helping to keep the environment clean. An organized beach cleanup can be a great way to work with peers and communicate better!

Adventurous Offsite Ideas

Adventurous Offsite Ideas

  • Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is always a popular company offsite idea because this game is a great way to foster collaboration among teammates and encourage their curiosity. This activity can be conducted for any number of people, and that’s what makes it a great game. It also helps teammates to work as a force.

  • Escape Room

Escape rooms are a classic for a reason – thrilling and adventurous, this is a classic offsite idea that can bring your team members together! You can find a wide range of escape room ideas everywhere. Pick the best one and send different teams to finish the task – this is an activity that requires a lot of cooperation, communication, and logical thinking!

  • Hike Day

Are your teammates quite interested in physical activity? Then, here’s a good one for them – a hike day! Teams can arrange for a quick nearby hike or plan a retreat with a hike. A hiking day can be a great platform for collaboration and teamwork – employees can help each other with the nuances of hiking while also keeping their minds and body healthy.

  • Laser Tag

Another great game to boost team spirit and cooperation, laser tag is the go-to activity for many companies. Not only is the game budget-friendly, but it is also the perfect fit for small as well as large groups of employees. The activity also encourages employees to act logically and rationally while staying as a team.

Company Offsite and Travel Retreats

Company Offsite and Travel Retreats

  • Resort Retreat

One of the best corporate offsite meeting ideas is organizing an engaging trip for your team and staying in a cozy resort – can be a beach holiday or a hilly retreat. A resort is the best place to hold corporate outings as well as team-building events. This is why resort retreats are often popular among big corporations.

  • Food Tour

Does your team have a lot of foodies? Then a food tour is the best way to keep your employees engaged! An amazing trip combined with a wide variety of food is the best way to spend your corporate retreat – a food tour gives the employees opportunities to socialize and develop new hobbies as they communicate better with everyone around them.

  • Camping Night

Ready to do things in the old-fashioned way? Then, it is time for a campfire! Arranging for a camping night as a corporate retreat planning can help teammates to come together and take up responsibilities. It gives the team heads an opportunity to see who are natural leaders. Apart from that, camping is also a great way to relax and socialize with new peers!

  • Historic Tour

Historic tours never go wrong – if your team members are in the mood to soak up information, organize a history or a museum tour. In a tour like this, your teammates can be given simple games or tasks to remember different places and the people associated with them. These tours can be refreshing and informational at the same time.

Virtual Corporate Offsite Meeting Ideas

virtual games

  • Virtual Cookout

Cooking is always a happy activity but imagine this – you and your team members cooking together on a virtual call. Sounds exciting? Then, this is your sign to organize one! One can turn any virtual team meeting or an offset to a virtual cookout. This can be a great way to learn new skills along with your teammates and take a day off from your hectic schedule.

  • Virtual Happy Hour

Happy hour is all about getting to know everyone in the team. A virtual happy hour is a great option if you have a new team member joining your team. This virtual corporate offsite activity can include icebreaker sessions, simple team building games, and some fun activities.

  • Virtual Card Games

Are you keen on showing your Poker skills to your teammates? Virtual card games are perfect for any number of people on a team – there are various sites that allow multiplayer settings for card games which teams can utilize for free or with a minimal fee. Playing virtual games can encourage competitiveness among teammates.

  • Online Training Sessions

Virtual corporate offsite meeting ideas are not just about socializing – it is also about learning as a team. Various teams can conduct different online learning and training sessions so that all the employees can learn about other projects and concepts that are relevant to the company. This can help employees to cultivate more skills.

Team Building Activities for Employees

Team Building Activities for Employees

  • Face Painting

An engaging outdoor team building activity, face painting is great because it encourages team members to explore their creativity. It also fosters trust and companionship – employees are put into teams of two and are asked to paint each other’s faces. The activity is not really about which painting looks better – it is all about communication and trust!

  • Sales Pitch

Ready to show your marketing skills? Then, the sales pitch is your platform! In a sales pitch, employees are divided into teams and are asked to pitch a marketing campaign for a product or a service. This activity improves the communication and strategic skills of employees while also bringing in the element of collaboration and teamwork.

  • Mutual Exchange

What if your role was switched in the office? Mutual Exchange is an amusing activity where employees can switch their roles for one day in the office and learn new tasks and concepts. This can be a fun activity but it also gives employees more insights on the other job roles in the company.

  • Lego Building

Simple and fun, Lego building is a great team-building activity for small teams. Different teams can be tasked with building Lego creations within a deadline – it would be interesting to look at the different things that employees can create. Lego building helps employees to collaborate and improve their strategic thinking.

Why RMG Mileage is Your Best Option for Corporate Offsite Meetings and Retreats

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