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Indian DMC for MICE in India

Is India your next MICE Destination? RML is here to make your dream real.
Are you tired of managing large groups of professionals in conferences, meetings, and events? We are ready to be your dedicated Destination Management Company (DMC.)

We are a reputed professional conference organizer and Indian DMC offering MICE in India

We use structured project management techniques to deliver cost-effective and efficient events in India and outside.
We plan your events meticulously and execute them efficiently. As your event managers in India, we work around the clock to create, co-ordinate, plan and execute events for our clients, and to deliver the best possible experiences.

Why Us?

We follow global standards for safe events. You can plan your entire event in a contactless manner until you arrive here for your actual event. We have excellent connections in the hospitality and travel industry. What you see online, when you work with us, will be exactly what you get.

An incredible mice destination

Some important MICE destinations In india

India has emerged, post pandemic, as one of the safest and most efficient corporate MICE destinations in the world. It has excellent hotels and convention centres, high speed internet and telecom connectivity as well as an even distribution of heritage sites that can be visited by corporate teams.

What do we do?

We become your feet on the ground in India. We are a part of you and also a part of your destination country. We bridge seamlessly between you and India. We give you hybrid events with an excellent mix of live streaming, and unforgettable live experiences at your real life destination.

Discover why India is the perfect MICE destination.

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