Remember in 2019 when Tesla flopped with its product launch? Here is how the story goes.  In 2019, Tesla was gearing up to launch its Cyber truck to the world audience. The Cyber truck was advertised to be bulletproof – so obviously during the demo, the claim was tested. A steel ball was thrown at the Cyber truck and bam! The window broke!  Now whose fault is it exactly? Is it the company’s fault? Or the organizer’s fault for never checking it before the demo? We’ll never know. But what we know is that this is definitely not how you do a product launch! Product launches have become a crucial part of any brand building. Businesses are competing in the market to come up with the most successful product launches so that they capture the attention of their audience. This is why your company must know how to plan a product launch event the right way!

What is Product Launch Event?

product launch event In the simplest terms, product launches are events that are designed to debut a product and promote it to the perfect audience. It can be either just one event or a series of activities that lead up to the final, grand reveal. Apart from product launch events, brand launches are also gaining popularity among investors. Similar to product launches, a brand launch is all about introducing your brand and business to the world. The main purpose of having an effectively planned product launch event is to build the hype for a product and boost the brand’s visibility as well. A well-planned launch can boost your brand into stardom and reach the right customers, investors, and audience.

Types of Product Launch Events

Types of Product Launch Events Post- Covid , hybrid and virtual product launch events have gained traction. Mainly, there are three types of product launches – in-person, virtual, and hybrid.
  • In-person product launch 

Product launch events have always been a thing, and if we are to believe this study, then it will be a buzzing part of corporate events in 2024 too. In-person product launch events allow businesses to interact with investors and customers in real-time and promote their products more effectively.  These traditional launches also give opportunity for wide press releases and more promotion among the audience. In-person launches also give you the chance to conduct demos – this can be a hit among your customers!
  • Virtual product launch

If you have a global audience and you would like the product launch event to be on a greater scale, a virtual event would be the perfect choice. With the right plan and strategy, you can make your virtual product launch event a great success. Virtual product event The best way to do this is to tease the product before the main launch through several steps – this can include videos, ads, and giveaways. Broadcasting the virtual event can also be a great option for a wider reach. A virtual product launch can be an extraordinary event if you know how to pull it off right!
  • Hybrid launch

Want the best of both worlds? Then hybrid should be your choice! In the hybrid setting, a product launch event becomes amplified – you can have in-person as well as virtual audiences. This gives businesses the opportunity to invite investors and customers, but at the same time also to connect with people from all over the world. This is where your product launch event management skills should come in handy, as a hybrid event involves more preparation than the other two types of launches. A hybrid event platform is also involved in hybrid product launch events.

Here are some Famous Product Launch Event Examples

Launch new products examples

Every Apple Launch. Ever.

From the graphics to the music to the visuals and the storytelling, Apple got everything covered. Every Apple product launch video on YouTube has millions of views – all thanks to efficient event planning and execution.

Google Glass Launch

The 2012 Google Glass Launch is definitely an experience to remember. The demonstration was done by the team – by skydiving onto the roof of Moscone Center. Now, this is one way to make your audience remember your product!


IKEA is a brand that does not need much convincing. But with their Catalog Launch in 2014, IKEA managed to impress customers all over the world. With this AR app, you can see how a piece of furniture would fit in your living or office space!

How to Organize a Product Launch Event

One thing that people need to understand about product launch events is this – while the main event is all about promotion, there are many other promotional events to be organized beforehand.
  1. Choosing Theme and Venue
  2. Deciding on the Audience and Guests
  3. Promotion in Social Media
  4. Follow-ups and Feedback
If you are thinking about how to plan a product launch event, you have to know this is a long process. It involves multiple steps – choosing a theme, and venue, choosing promotional strategies, and much more. This section gives you a brief rundown of how to plan a product launch event step by step. How do you Organize an Event for a product launch infographic

   1. Choosing Theme and Venue

You might wonder why choosing the right theme or venue might be crucial, but these are things that set the tone of your brand, business, and product. The theme and venue will greatly influence your audience’s opinion of the product and its performance. Choosing venue and themes The venue should depend on the ease of accessibility and its style – you can look at different options like modern, outdoors, historic, etc. It all depends on your brand image and the product’s theme. As for the general theme, it depends on the goal of the event, the type of audience, and the brand image. Personalized experiences and promotions can help you score better with your audience.

   2. Deciding on the Audience and Guests

Now, it is time to decide on who will comprise the audience. Product launch event planning is not just about the event, the venue, or the product, but it is also about how you market the product to the right audiences. Target Audience Often, businesses invite investors, business partners, and other competing brands to their product launch events. Apart from this, you can also make it a public event, inviting customers and consumers – it all depends on your product. You can also consider free demonstrations at the launch event which will attract a larger audience. Press, media, and influencers are also crucial to a product launch event. The media will help in promoting the event and reach a wider audience.

   3. Promotion in Social Media

Promotion strategy usually consists of multiple layers, including traditional marketing channels. But the easiest way to promote is through social media – promotional videos, ads, and hashtags are some ways to promote. As for the social media promotion, you can either choose to do it by yourself, or seek the help of influencers and boost the visibility of your product launch. First, focus on creating hype around your product. Work on videos, teasers, and ad campaigns that make the audience interested in your product. Next, work with influencers so that your product can have a grand launch. Creating a countdown also helps in boosting the hype around the product. Social media is a great tool for promotion when you know how to use it right for your product launch event!

    4. Follow-ups and Feedback

Once the event is done, it is important to measure the success of your event. This is mainly done through feedback. Your audience feedback matters as it determines how effective the product launch event was. Following up on all of the attendees with a feedback form would be the best way to collect feedback. You can also use social media channels to gather opinions and know how the event was received. Seems like a tiring process? Don’t worry, RMG Mileage is here to help you with event management! Our expert services can help you prepare for the perfect product launch event for your brand!

How do you Know if a Product Launch is Successful?

Product launches do not end after the event – the main part comes after the event! It is always important to know the impact your event has created on the audience. This way, you will be able to learn what works in your strategy and where you have to improve with the event. It is quite tough to exactly measure the exact impact that your product launch event had on an audience. But there are ways in which you can get an idea about how successful your product launch event was.

  1. Goals and Aims of the Event

To know if your product launch event was successful or not, first you need to analyze the goals of the event. A product launch event can have multiple objectives – promotion, brand image improvement, product introduction, revenue generation, etc. Goals and aim of an event Decide on the main objectives of your product launch so that you will have some insights on how to plan the event. To decide whether your launch event was a success, analyze responses and feedback based on the objectives. This will give you a clear idea on how successful the launch event was.

   2. Marketing Metrics

If you are familiar with some marketing metrics, then it is quite easy to measure the success of your event! Metrics are data that you can analyze – this data is collected through various means. Some of the most useful metrics include customer retention rate, conversion rate, and customer satisfaction. Analyzing metrics will give you accurate trends and results of how successful your product launch event has been. These metrics also help you in planning future marketing strategies for your brand as well as products. 

    3. Social Media Feedback

Another great way to measure the success of your event is by observing feedback on your social media posts. Social media will definitely play a major role in the promotion of your event – from simple posts and teaser videos to countdowns and grand reveal posts, your company’s social media presence will be a key player in deciding the audience’s engagement with the brand as well as the product. Keep track of how your audience reacts to the product launch event as well as the brand image. By observing traffic and your followers’ interactions with the posts online, you can gain a sense of how successful your product launch event is!

How to Launch a Product in India with the Best Corporate Event Organizers

Product launches are not the same everywhere – in a dynamic consumer market like India, it is quite crucial to think about the audience market before planning an event. Here is how you can work with top-notch corporate event organizers and plan the right launch event for the Indian audience:

 1. Understand the Audience

The customer is the king, so the same applies to your product launch event too. A thorough market analysis becomes crucial before planning the event. This is to ensure that the theme and social media promotion can be arranged in a way that appeals to your audience. For example, a joke that resonates with Gen Z might not be a hit with the millennials. This is why it becomes important to analyze your audiences and cater to them accordingly.

 2. Plan your Promotion

If you have seen the ads of Zomato and Zepto, you would know what it is to promote your products the right way. To appeal to your customers as well as stakeholders and business partners, you have to hit the right tone of voice in your promotion. Keep in mind – the advice given by foreign marketing and event management teams will not work on this one, as the Indian audiences are diverse!

 3. Decide on the Glam

To attract more audiences in India, an event should be visually appealing. Visual appeal sells – so plan with your organizers on how grand and glamorous the event has to be. If you want an alternative, you can think of other themes too. Classy business formal is one such – if you want your product launch event to be a completely professional and corporate event, then a modernistic, sleek theme would suit it the best.

 4. In-person, Virtual, or Hybrid

While in-person product launches can bring all the attention to your business needs, they involve a big budget. The type of product launch also depends on the product – if a product demo is on plans, in-person events might be a great option. Remember the game launch from Ra One? Yes, that is what grandeur and demos are all about! For some specific products and services, virtual and hybrid events would be a great choice. Discuss with your teams and decide on the type of event that will give the event more exposure!

Partner with the Best Event Management Services for Product Launch – How RMG Mileage Can Help

Product launch events are not an easy cakewalk – a well-planned event involves an experienced team that can come up with the right strategies to execute. This is why many companies and businesses prefer to hire event management companies like RMG Mileage. With us, find the best event management and corporate event planning services all across India! RMG Mileage offers a wide range of corporate event management services – we help you organize your dream events that help you boost team coordination and attract more audience. Product launch events for a brand or a business require a lot of planning and strategizing. If you are not sure how to plan a product launch event, we are more than happy to help boost your product launch event and bring in all the attention that your business deserves! Visit our site today and get in touch with us to start planning for the best product launch event for your brand!
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