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Hybrid Events

We plan and host your hybrid event or hybrid events for you.

Hybrid event meaning? We will run your event in a real venue for you. At the same time, we will also give you a virtual platform so your attendees can attend online too. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Hybrid events are the best solution when you want to run an event for participants who are spread across many locations. 

RMG Mileage LLP is both a technology provider as well as an event management services firm

virtual events
Hybrid Events

Perfect options for corporate hybrid events


Family Days

National and international conferences


Real Venues and On-site

We can offer you the best and newest hotels and resorts anywhere in India. We will also provide you trouble-free transport to get there is required.

Or, we can also organize your corporate event at your own offices, across multiple locations.

For those of your colleagues who cannot be physically present, we would provide a seamless virtual experience. They would feel they were stepping into a virtual five star hotel, when they enter our virtual venue. It has a lobby, a help desk, conference rooms, a virtual expo and even a room with online games for entertainment.

Hybrid Events
Hybrid Events

How do you make a physical event hybrid?

By also hosting the event on a virtual event platform that enables participants to participate through their gadgets and devices. We have robust technology and a luxurious virtual event platform to support this.

ROI through large viewership

You can keep your event alive online even after it is over, for those who could not attend to view. You can also get information on who attended what, and whom they met. This would give you valuable insights that would help you engage more efficiently with your delegates.

Hybrid Events