Stay ahead of the curve by hosting virtual medical conferences with online event software

Share insights about your medical research work with relevant audience online in an engaging way with RML virtual event software for medical events

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ABOUT Virtual Medical Conference

Revolutionize your medical events and conferences with a blend of virtual hybrid events features.

  • feature-list     Host virtual presenter sessions & breakout sessions
  • feature-list    Make the most of virtual sponsor and exhibitor booths
  • feature-list     Enhance networking opportunities for the delegates 
  • feature-list     Fostering strong professional connections at virtual medical conferences

Host a virtual medical conference

Present topics over a live video. Host panel discussions. Run Live Q&A wherein attendees can ask presenters/speakers questions. Moderate sessions by becoming a co-host with speakers. Upload and share speakers’ medical presentations & papers

Enhance networking opportunities for the delegates

Access entire attendee list easily, and talk to whomever you like. Networking lounge to hold small group meetings. Schedule 1-1 video meetings and private 1 on 1 chats.

Get certifications in medical events and conferences

Get online certifications for specializations. Recognition in medical fields and breakthroughs. Honor medical and healthcare professionals. Celebrate medical achievements with the best of professionals

Make the most of virtual sponsor and exhibitor booths

Provide your sponsors & exhibitors with virtual booth opportunities.Let them brand their virtual booth space. Access downloadable product/services collateral. Ability to upload product videos and photos. Live video chats between attendees and sponsors & exhibitors

Foster strong professional connections at a virtual conference

We give exhibitors virtual booths that they can brand. They can provide downloadable collaterals for their products and services. Upload product videos and photos. Have live video chats with other attendees, sponsors & exhibitors